11 July 2013

TMB Issues Challenge To Geoff Boycott

The Tripe Marketing Board is to invite BBC commentator and former cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott to take the Tripe Taste Challenge after he used the word tripe in a derogatory manner on at least two occasions today during his test match commentary.

According to the Tripe Marketing Board’s media monitors, Mr Boycott described both Chris Broad’s and Steven Finn’s bowling as “tripe.”

“I am deeply disappointed that someone as respected as Mr Boycott should stoop so low as to refer to an England cricketer’s bowling as 'tripe'," said Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle.

Speaking at a hastily-convened press conference in Preston this lunchtime, Sir Norman said: 

"I can only think that Mr Boycott is unaware of our campaign to prevent comparisons between our fine product and things that are sub-standard.  I will be contacting him to ask him to join the long list of people who have apologised for using the word inappropriately and who have agreed to take the Tripe Taste Challenge including Bee Gee Barry Gibb and MP for Brigg and Goole in Humberside, Andrew Percy*.

“I am a great admirer of Mr Boycott and appreciate that he is known for his plain-speaking and outspoken views but, quite frankly, this is going too far. I would hate to think that his hostility to tripe is due to its popularity in Lancashire and the fact that it is still considered a delicacy there.

“Tripe has a long association with sport. At least two well-known Olympic gold medal-winning athletes have admitted they ate it when they were young and a former Manchester United footballer has also professed a fondness for it.

“It’s a pity that cricket fans should be force fed Mr Boycott’s negative views of it.”

* Mr Percy will be taking the Tripe Taste Challenge at 12 noon on Friday, 12 July at the Goole branch of Morrisons supermarket.

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