4 July 2013

TMB To Review Twitter Use

Tripe Marketing Board chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle has announced an immediate review of the organisation's use of interns, following complaints from social media users about the TMB's excessive use of Twitter.

In a statement issued tonight, Sir Norman said: "I read in the paper recently that the optimum number of 'tweets' required to establish brand awareness is three per day.  I was alarmed to learn that interns working for the Tripe Marketing Board had been pestering people by issuing well over 300 such communiques in the last 24 hours."

Sir Norman apologised for any inconvenience caused and offered to retrieve any unwanted tweets for recycling.  He said:  "I am slightly annoyed because this comes at a time when tripe is just starting to make its presence felt in the media.  Tomorrow, (Friday 5 July) I will be traveling to Carlisle to discuss our social media strategy with Mr Gordon Swindlehurst live on BBC Radio Cumbria.  I would not like this recent problem to overshadow that discussion, as this will be my first ever visit to Scotland."

He made a pledge to tripe retailers across the country that the TMB would 'tone down' its use of Twitter, saying  "Once again, I am afraid we have been the victim of our own success.  I am ordering  a switch of resources and our interns will be spending more of their time on tried and tested  marketing methods like posting stickers on traffic lights late at night." 

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