12 July 2013

TMB Tripe Train Goes To Hull & Back

Sir Norman Wrassle
As the Tripe Marketing Board prepares for its first Tripe Taste Challenge today, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has appealed for calm and asked the Lancashire media to stay away from the event in the interests of cross-Pennine unity.

Later today, Brigg and Goole MP, Mr Andrew Percy will be taking the Tripe Taste Challenge at the Goole branch of the Morrisons superstore.

Speaking at a meeting of the Salford Ladies Circle last night, Sir Norman said: "When I issued the challenge to Mr Percy - which he accepted with good grace - I made it clear that this was not some latter-day attempt to stir up the Wars of the Roses.  Yorkshire is a great county with many fine tripe lovers and I would much prefer not to antagonise them on the day Mr Percy will be eating some tripe to show contrition at his remarks."

Sir Norman expressed concern that comments he made about Mr Geoffrey Boycott yesterday may have been misconstrued as an attack on Yorkshire as a whole: "I don't want my remarks to overshadow the imminent launch of our 2014 diary," he said.

Sir Norman will be joining his team of Men In White and the Tripe Girls in a tour of Yorkshire towns today in the hope of restoring good links with the county.  They will be in Goole for the Tripe Taste Challenge in Morrisons supermarket at noon today and later plan a visit to Doncaster market.

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