21 July 2013

Tripe and Sport: A Statement

The Tripe Marketing Board has again denied rumours that sponsorship talks are underway with a north west football club.

Speaking on the eve of his departure to Zante as the guest of the Greek Confederation of Tripe Processers, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "This kind of speculation does nobody any good. I personally have not been involved in any discussions with any football clubs about sponsorship of any kind."

The Lancashire Games, 1964
The Tripe Marketing Board has a proud track-record in sponsoring sporting events such as the Lancashire Games, the Tour de Ince and the inaugural Wigan Fun-Run, which took place yesterday.

"Tripe is the food of sporting champions," Sir Norman said.  "A football club would be a real feather in our cap, although it would be premature for people to start bandying names around."

As the summer of British sporting success continues, tripe retailers were urged to stock up on supplies in readiness of a new wave of interest from youngsters keen to emulate their sporting heroes.

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