27 July 2013

Tripe-Free Friday 'an unqualified success'

Tripe Marketing Board deputy chairman Professor Ron Harrison has declared the first Tripe-Free Friday  ‘an unqualified success.’

“Our tweets weren’t 100% tripe-free but there were far fewer tweets about tripe. We covered all sorts of subjects from string theory to how to domesticate a bat and we picked  up a record number of followers, some of them good quality.

“It proves you can have too much of a good thing. If you make tripe less readily available, it immediately becomes more desireable. In fact, tripe is so scarce at the moment that we expect a huge surge in demand any day now.

“We had a bit of a glitch when we received a complaint from a Scottish follower about a tweet about swimming in disused gravels pits but we turned it round by issuing an immediate apology and a link to The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water, a scary public information film which is guaranteed to put anyone off swimming in disused gravel pits.”

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