1 July 2013

Tripe To Take On Pork In Summer Campaign

Look out pork. Tripe’s making a comeback. That’s the message the Tripe Marketing Board is sending out to all pork butchers in Britain.

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: “Last week’s episode of The Apprentice proved that branding is more important than the taste of the product.  Our summer 2013 campaign is aimed at people who have never tasted tripe before - mainly the under 85s."

The TMB's summer 2013 campaign poster

Speaking at the launch of the campaign in Preston this morning, Sir Norman said: “I have never been a big fan of pork.  It's fatty and can sometimes be very chewy. Pork has had it easy for too long.  There’s a new kid on the butcher’s block.  Tripe means business. And this time it's personal.”

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