16 July 2013

Typical Tripe Consumer Is Changing

The profile of the typical consumer of tripe is changing with the advent of modern technology and the social media, according to a report by the advertising agency Bootle Boggle Pegotty.  BBP's conclusions are based on face-to-face interviews in selected London restaurants and an analysis of the Twitter account run by the Tripe Marketing Board.

The typical tripe consumer is changing
TMB communications officer, Emily French, said the results were encouraging for the Tripe Marketing Board's campaign to broaden the appeal of tripe. "The report suggests we were correct in underpinning our 2013 sales strategy with a presence on Facebook, Twitter and bus shelter hoardings at selected locations across the south of England," Emily said.

The stereotype of a tripe eater as an 85 year old woman from Wigan no longer holds true. BBP's report indicates that the typical consumer of tripe is as likely to be a man as it is a woman, and that a significant number of transgender people also like it. Only 15% of the TMBs followers on Twitter are now dogs and of these fewer than 2% are transgender.  Tripe is enjoyed across all the social classes, and the typical Twitter tripe lover is aged 35 and lives just outside Lincoln. 

The Tripe Marketing Board was criticised today for hiring a 'Hashtag Ringer' in a move which Twitter Today magazine described as a 'cynical ploy to exploit humour' as a way to market its product after it added over 50 new 'followers' to its account in less than eight hours.

TMB chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, announced the results of the BBP analysis at a press conference in Chorley today, saying: "I make no apologies for playing the comedy card.  Tripe is often viewed as a 'comedy' foodstuff, so we are playing to our strengths. This vindicates our decision to embrace the social media.  The message is slowly starting to filter through that tripe is not just for dogs - although they are great consumers of it, of course, especially if it is dried."

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  1. I think the marketing department should consider enlarging the Tripe footprint into Altrincham. Further expansion and popularity would surely follow from reasonable success there.

    Remember: Tripe Isn't Only For Christmas