11 August 2013

An Open Letter To Mr Richie Benaud

Dear Mr Benaud

Sir Norman Wrassle
I would like to preface my remarks by making it quite clear that I am a great admirer of yours. I have fond memories of your excellent commentaries and charming accent on the BBC throughout the 70s and 80s and wholeheartedly endorse Sri Lankan cricket writer Harold de Andrado who described you as “one of the greatest cricketing personalities as player, researcher, writer, critic, author, organiser, adviser and student of the game.”

Now I have got the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get down to business.

It has been brought to my attention that on 10th August 2013 you tweeted the following message in under 140 characters: James Anderson rated by the English. They also rate tripe.

I can only imagine that by this you mean that James Anderson is not a very good bowler. I will not defend Mr James Anderson. He is Lancashire born, Lancashire bred, strong in the arm and more than capable of defending his reputation, particularly as he is a good seven inches taller and more than fifty years younger than you.

Whilst I acknowledge that you are an expert in cricketing matters, I trust you will concede that I know rather more about tripe than you, having spent more than fifty years in the industry.  It may come as a surprise to you but the tripe industry has been in the doldrums in this country since 1954 when rationing came to an end.  We are, however, fighting the good fight to get tripe back onto the dinner tables of Britain. Thanks to the good offices of Sky Cricket commentator and former Lancashire and England opening bat Mr David Lloyd, tripe is experiencing something of a renaissance.

Your remarks therefore came as something of a disappointment.  I can quite understand that you are probably feeling a little sore because your boys have taken quite a beating but that is no excuse to knock our fine product.

Please do not  think I am anti-Australian. I am most certainly not.  I am a great fan of Neighbours and  Aerobics Oz Style on Sky and once met Olivia Newton-John.  But for some reason which I do not quite understand, Australians seem to have something against tripe. Perhaps they think it is somehow trendy to knock an old fashioned foodstuff?

For your information, back in June, I took former Bee Gee Mr Barry Gibb to task about disparaging remarks he made about tripe on the flagship BBC TV programme The One Show. Mr Gibb subsequently  apologised and has undertaken to take The Tripe Taste Challenge later this year.

Are you, like Mr Gibb, man enough to accept my invitation to take The Tripe Taste Challenge? I am sure you are.

Yours sincerely

Sir Norman Wrassle


  1. Good to know that your looking after our great heritage and staple diet Sir Norman.

  2. That is a parody twitter account, i.e. not the actual Richie Benaud