27 August 2013

Blackpool Gets Behind Tripe

Sales of tripe have risen in Blackpool this summer, according to independent meat specialist Nigel Wilkinson, based in Holmfield Road, Blackpool.

In a report to the Tripe Marketing Board, Mr Wilkinson said: "Tripe has been gaining in popularity in our shop this summer and we are now selling more than ever before."

Blackpool's Backing Tripe
The news comes as a vindication of the TMB's decision to sponsor Blackpool South FC as part of its 'summer of tripe and sport' campaign which has seen key sportspeople getting behind tripe. TMB chief executive Mr Bryan Atkinson, speaking during his fact-finding trip to Russia, said: "This is wonderful news.  We may even have turned an important corner in the fight to get tripe back onto the dinner tables of Britain. But we shouldn't get complacent.  If we haven't turned it, then the corner is very much in sight and, when we do turn it, we will probably have a few more corners facing us before our goal is reached."

Mr Atkinson has been using his trip to generate new ideas for promoting tripe to the people of Britain and promised he would have 'one or two surprises lined up' on his return in September. "Tripe's definitely going places!" he said.

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