15 August 2013

"Joint Venture With Date Marketing Bureau The Way Forward" says new CEO

Tripe Marketing Board CEO, Bryan Atkinson has pledged to "bring the TMB into the 20th century".

Speaking on the eve of his fact-finding trip to Russia, Mr Atkinson said: "In the short time I have been with the TMB, I have been able to form a view about some of the changes that are needed to modernise the promotion of tripe."

He identified over-manning and complacency as the twin enemies that had prevented the TMB moving forward.  "On my return, I will be proposing streamlining the Board to improve efficiencies and offering early retirement to all employees over the age of 85.  It is essential we recruit staff from a younger cohort if we are to persuade people that tripe is for the younger generation."

Mr Atkinson suggested the TMB should make a strategic alliance with other marketing boards if it wanted to seize the future.  "Joint ventures with bodies such as the Tunisian Date Marketing Bureau are the way forward, as far as I am concerned," he said.

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