22 August 2013

New Era Dawns For Dates And Tripe

The Tripe Marketing Board yesterday concluded an historic partnership deal with the Date Marketing Bureau of Tunisia.

Prof Ron Harrison and Mr Hummer
The arrangement was agreed following co-operation between the TMB and the DMB to produce the Tripe Marketing Board 2014 Diary, which is now available to purchase here.

TMB vice-chairman, Professor Ron Harrison, said: "We believe there is a great future for tripe and dates. This agreement marks the beginning of an era of greater co-operation between the world of dried fruit and tripe. Our Product Development Division will be working round the clock to come up with recipes which will tempt even the most jaded palates."

DMB President, Mr Youssef ben Hummer said: "We were happy to contribute our expertise and our choicest dates to the TMB 2014 Diary project and look forward to many years of successful partnership together."

The TMB 2014 Diary contains a minimum of 365 dates and costs just £5.99.  Professor Harrison said: "We challenge anybody to find cheaper dates elsewhere - even in Lidl."

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