17 August 2013

Sales of Tripe Up After Media Successes

The Tripe Marketing Board has marked the end of a fortnight of an intensive promotional campaign by launching two special offers to thank all those who have helped make tripe the most talked about food in the media.

Sir Norman Wrassle, chairman of the TMB, said: "Sales of tripe are definitely on the up!  This has been a spectacular fortnight in our 'summer of tripe and sport'. I am pleased to say that Mr David 'Bumble' Lloyd has graciously accepted my invitation to become a patron of the TMB. We are not sure yet what this position will entail, but a tour of tripe stalls in markets across the country has been mooted."

Mr Lloyd's off-the-cuff discussion about tripe during his commentary on the Third Test on Sky Cricket helped remind people of a foodstuff that had long been banished to the back of the butcher's shop.

Sir Norman went on to express his delight at this week finally securing a sponsorship deal with Blackpool South FC.  "This is the icing on the tripe cake as far as I'm concerned. The story made the whole of page three in the Blackpool Gazette on Wednesday and was picked up by some of the London papers the next day. Paul Adams, the chairman of the club, appeared on TalkSport and BBC Radio Lancashire yesterday and it was covered on BBC North West Tonight. It's been a long time since tripe had such coverage and it can only be good for our product."

Sir Norman advised tripe retailers across the north west and the whole of Britain to stock up in readiness of increased demand.   The TMB's marketing advisers, Bootle Boggle Pegotty estimate that the value of the media coverage obtained for tripe over the past two weeks to be in excess of £150.

"As a reward to loyal customers of tripe, I have sanctioned a price-cut on the two books that the TMB have published as part of our strategy to promote tripe subliminally.  I heartily recommend them to tripe lovers the world over," he said.

The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock tells the story of a forgotten north west film studio and has rapidly endeared itself to readers since it was published in July 2013.  Normally £9.99, the book can be purchased here for just £7.99 including UK post and packing.

Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral throws new light on a part of the country often shrouded in darkness, particularly between  6pm and 8am. The book has a special offer price of just £7.99 including UK post and packing.

Sir Norman added: "For people who don't like the idea of paying tax or reading books, I have arranged for it to be made available on Kindle for just £1.53, which is about the same as you would pay for a packet of turkey twizzlers at most supermarkets these days."

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  1. this is undoubtedly the most exciting blog I have read since.....since.....since the internet was invented. I am a little worried that there will be a shortage of tripe because of all the media attention, so I have set my alarm for 4.30am tomorrow so I can be outside the Butchers by 8am.