28 August 2013

The Philosophy of Tripe

Food historians working at the Wigan School of Home Economics have revealed that Jeremy Bentham was a big fan of tripe.

A project to digitise and transcribe recipes from Bentham's copious notebooks at UCL shows that the noted British philosopher and social reformer was partial to a bit of tripe.

Dr Miriam Stottard, WHSE
Dr Miriam Stottard, from the faculty of Applied Economics and Food Hygiene at the WSHE, said: "This is exciting news.  We'll be working to update the recipes to convert them to metric and to make them more suitable for the jaded palates of 21st century consumers - perhaps by including a few splashes of Psycho Juice or a kumquat."

Tests of the recipes in Wigan have taken longer than expected, as Bentham includes no details of how long the dishes should be cooked for and vague quantities such as 'Spice: 1' haven't helped.  "He's also very unspecific about the gas mark they should be cooked at.  Nevertheless, we're confident we'll have the recipes ready to take to the table by 2014," Dr Stottard said.

John Murray, Head of Product Development at the Tripe Marketing Board, said: "When the nation wakes up to the possibilities of tripe, they won't believe what they've been missing!"

Devonshire Pie 11/2lb

Gooseberries 2qts 3
lights 1lb 1
smelt 1lb 1
tripe 1lb 1
onions 1
spice 1


Lay the ingredients in layers in a dish and cover it with a potato cover.

If you would like more ideas for cooking with tripe, why not buy the TMB's 2014 Diary*, which includes recipes contributed by Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson and Rev Richard Coles?  Mr Murray said: "We know that a lot of tripe lovers also enjoy dates, so we are collaborating with the Date Marketing Board Bureau of Tunisia to develop tripe tangine recipes. Watch this space."

* At least 10% of the profits from the sale of the Diary will be donated to the Snowdon Trust, a charity supporting educational opportunities for people with disabilities.

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