12 August 2013

TMB Announces Sponsorship Deal


The Tripe Marketing Board is pleased to announce that it has today signed a sponsorship deal with Blackpool South FC for the 2013-14 season.

The deal marks the end of a three year search by the TMB to find a club willing to be sponsored and involves an undisclosed sum.

TMB chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, said: “We have searched long and hard to find a team of sufficient calibre to wear the Tripe Marketing Board name on their shirts with pride. We realise we may not have the cachet of an AON or an Emirates but we are pleased that the deal has been done.  We are very much looking forward to the start of the season and expect great things from the team.”

Blackpool South chairman, Paul Adams, said: “This was an offer we couldn’t refuse. At first, I was worried that the boys might not want to be associated with tripe, but Sir Norman convinced me that it could actually improve their performance.  They know that if the results don’t go our way, we will be asking them to include tripe in their diet to improve their stamina and fitness levels.”

During the summer, the Tripe Marketing Board  has been busy promoting its product as the ‘food of sporting champions’.  Former Manchester United and Northern Ireland footballer, Norman Whiteside is partial to tripe, while former Lancashire and England cricketer David Lloyd treated viewers to an entertaining discussion on tripe during his commentary on the third Test Match on Sky Cricket when he read out a letter sent to him by Sir Norman Wrassle, to the evident delight of many viewers.   Meanwhile, paralympic gold medallist Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson has confessed to having eaten tripe as a child and has contributed a recipe to the TMB’s forthcoming 2014 Diary.

Sir Norman said: “I have no doubt that many people will find the idea of us sponsoring a football team somewhat amusing.  However, we know from research we have done that promoting tripe as a ‘comedy foodstuff’ is the best possible way to increase sales.”

The sponsorship deal was signed at the Sandgate Hotel, Wellington Road Blackpool.  Neither Sir Norman Wrassle nor Mr Brian Eldridge, the new chief executive officer of the Tripe Marketing Board were able to be present at the event, but Sir Norman went on to take part in an interview with celebrated Cumbrian presenter Mr Graham Swindlehurst broadcast live in the early afternoon. (1hr 9mins in). 

Blackpool South FC play in the Blackpool District League Under 15s (Group B).

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