29 August 2013

TMB Condemns Celebrity Big Brother

The Tripe Marketing Board is to complain to the UK TV regulator OFCOM following scenes aired on last night's Celebrity Big Brother in which contestants were forced to bathe in a tub of offal and tripe.

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said, "My enjoyment of Celebrity Big Brother was spoilt by yet another example of our fine product being presented in a negative light in the media. 

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"It is interesting that the first person to give up the trial was Loose Ends star Carol McGiffin who had to sit in a bath full of maggots rather than Louis Spencer  and  Dublin Wives star Danielle Marr who sat in the bath of tripe. This suggests that bathing in tripe is something to be enjoyed not endured.

"When we asked the producers to feature tripe in the programme, we did not think it would be used in this way. We will be asking for a full refund. On a more positive note, I thought Courtney Stodden looked delightful in her bathing suit. If she is looking for promotional work when the show ends, we'd be more than interested in talking to her."

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