28 August 2013

TMB Denies Product Placement Allegations

Spatchcock TV Productions
The Tripe Marketing Board has denied reports that it paid a TV production company a three-figure sum as part of a product placement strategy designed to make tripe appealing to younger consumers.

"It would be fantastic if tripe suddenly popped up on programmes for a younger audience such as Restoration Home or Antiques Roadshow.   We certainly need to get our message across to the under 85s if we are to make 2014 the Year of Tripe.  But quite frankly we don't have the budget for such things and our fine product would probably become the subject of ridicule and mockery," said TMB chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle.

The last time the TMB attempted such an exercise it ended in disaster when noted vegetarian, author and former model Katie Cutprice collapsed and had to be put on a respirator when she was forced to eat a plate of tripe as part of the Foul Food Challenge on the Spatchcock TV programme, I’m Famous — Put A Wasp In My Mouth (broadcast only in Germany).  She swore so much that at least two elderly viewers collapsed and the programme had to be taken off air for 20 minutes. Subsequent series dropped tripe in favour of elephant testicles and snake vomit.

Sir Norman said: "We've learned our lesson. Many people find tripe scary, that's why we have concentrated our efforts mainly on getting coverage on radio and BBC3."

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