6 August 2013

TMB Denies 'Tripe For Tweets' Claims

The Tripe Marketing Board has denied claims that it offered Coronation Street stars tripe for tweets.

A Tripe Marketing Board spokesperson said, “There is absolute no truth whatsoever in these rumours.  Whilst it’s true that we did offer bags of tripe to Corrie stars as a gift, there was no expectation that they would tweet on our behalf. In any case, all the bags of tripe were returned to us unopened.”

In the early 1960s, it was rumoured that the then TMB chairman Edward Lewis offered a Coronation Street producer a 5lb bag of tripe to make a UCP tripe shop the focal point of the street. The producer agreed but had a last minute change of mind when he realised that tripe’s popularity was in decline.

Current TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle was unavailable for comment as he was en route to Dhaka, Bangladesh on business. He is expected to make an important announcement regarding the inauguration of World Tripe Day in the next few days.

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