2 August 2013

Tripe Marketing Board's Ticket To Pride

In a break with tradition, the Tripe Marketing Board is to attend this year’s Liverpool Pride celebrations on Saturday 3rd August 2013.

Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: “The tripe brand has traditionally stood for old-fashioned values such as hard work, thrift and corporal punishment.   Normally we only attend events such as steam engine rallies, agricultural shows and Crufts.

“However, I have been persuaded that we must move with the times and bring the Tripe Marketing Board kicking and screaming into twentieth century. That is why we must embrace all sections of the community, particularly those which have high disposable incomes”.

The Tripe Girls
The Tripe Marketing Board recently launched a major advertising campaign on selected bus shelters in Manchester and Blackpool in an attempt to promote tripe to a more diverse audience.  Sir Norman said: “We have neglected our friends in the gay community for too long. We need as many people as possible to buy tripe and the pink pound is worth at least 25% more than a standard pound”.

Sir Norman also expressed the hope that gay icons The Tripe Girls would also be attending, but acknowledged that this would be subject to the agreement of the senior matron at their St Annes nursing home.

Sir Norman is a happily married man with two children and will be accompanied to Liverpool Pride by his wife, Lady Cheryl.

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