26 August 2013

Tripe To Challenge Deep Fried Mars Bar and Porridge

The Tripe Marketing Board has issued a challenge to the winner of the forthcoming contest between Scottish favourites deep fried Mars bar and porridge to determine which food is best for the brain.

Professor Matthew Walters, director of the Scottish Stroke Research Network, is to conduct research which will compare the effects of eating fried chocolate and porridge, another traditional Scottish delicacy, on blood vessels in the brain.

TMB vice-chairman Professor Ron Harrison said, “We already know that tripe is the food of top athletes and that it increases libido. We also believe it’s good for the brain. Some of the greatest minds who ever lived have been partial to tripe including Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton and  Socrates (the philosopher not the Brazilian footballer).  

"We’re challenging the winner of Professor Walters’ experiment – whether it’s deep fried Mars bar or porridge  – to take on tripe in a Battle of Britain. And we're confident tripe will give it a damn good hiding.”

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