19 September 2013

Campaign For Free Tripe

The Tripe Marketing Board has launched a campaign for free tripe for the over 85s.  Speaking at a rally in Preston today, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told an audience of tripe retailers, representatives of pensioner organisations and the Lancashire press that the time was ripe for subsidised tripe.

Sir Norman said: "The party conference season is now underway. We would like all political parties - whatever their views on tripe - to pledge themselves to provide free tripe for anyone over the age of 85."  He announced that the TMB would shortly be launching an e-petition in a bid to persuade the government to back the move.  Research has shown that most tripe lovers are over 85 so the campaign - if successful - would mean the TMB could concentrate on winning over the hearts, minds and stomachs of a younger generation.

In a separate initiative, Sir Norman announced that the TMB's first book, Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral was being made freely available via Kindle for the next few days.  The book - credited by Lancashire Life magazine as being responsible for single-handedly revitalising the Lancashire tripe industry - has received glowing reviews from a wide range of readers -  apart from Mr SG Holt in Radcliffe who said he 'just couldn't get into this at all.'

Sir Norman said: "It's our gift to tripe lovers the world over. Who knows -  if they like it, they might try more of our tripe?"

Readers have only a short time to download the free Kindle version of Forgotten Lancashire, after which time they will have to pay £1.49.

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