14 September 2013

Compulsory 5p Charge For Plastic Bags May Hit Sales

The Tripe Marketing Board has attacked Government plans to charge 5p for plastic carrier bags, amid fears it will strangle at birth the recent increase in sales of tripe.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will unveil the plans at the Liberal Democrat party conference this weekend.

Head of product development at the TMB, Mr John Murray, said: "We know from surveys that many potential purchasers are worried about how to package and convey tripe.  Many people have concerns about the smell of tripe and plastic carrier bags can be a useful way to carry our product home and help to reduce the smell quite substantially until it can be stored appropriately."

In a bid to allay concerns, the Tripe Marketing Board has issued a Fact Sheet advising consumers on  how to safely store tripe and minimise any odour problems which will be made available to tripe retailers from next week.

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