19 September 2013

Hacking Incident Was Work Of Lone Prankster

The Tripe Marketing Board has dismissed an apparent attempt by militant vegans to hack its Twitter account last night as a 'harmless prank'.

At around 8pm, the @TripeUK account was modified to read 'Tripe Is Murder' and the link to our website at www.tripemarketingboard.co.uk was altered to a link to www.vegansociety.com.  Our iconic backgound image of a 'Tripe For Stamina' badge was changed to a row of carrots and our avatar was transformed into a smiling, cartoon carrot.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said:  "There was genuine concern that our account password details had been compromised by a group of militant vegans, but I am pleased to say that the incident was the work of one man who later admitted it was a simple prank that had gone too far.  I would not like this to cloud our recent bridge-building exercise with vegetarians and vegans." 

Sir Norman praised the quick-witted reaction of interns manning the TMB's Twitter account for dealing with the problem speedily and sensitively.

The TMB broke new ground this week by announcing the appointment of a vegetarian and a vegan to its board - this is understood to be the first time a meat marketing agency has managed to persuade non-meat eaters to act in such a capacity. 

Over 20% of @TripeUK followers on Twitter are vegetarian and the TMB has made concerted efforts to persuade them of the virtues of incorporating tripe in their daily diet.  The strategy follows research earlier this year which suggested it was easier to convert vegetarians to tripe than it was to persuade meat lovers to eat it.

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