14 September 2013

How To Buy The Tripe Marketing Board 2014 Diary

The Tripe Marketing Board has issued the following clarification to avoid confusion amongst tripe-lovers keen to obtain a copy of its 2014 Diary:

  • The Diary may be purchased online via Amazon, using the link to the left of this post.
  • It is also available direct from the publisher (TMB Books) at a discount using this link.
  • It can be bought via e-bay either singly or (post free) in quantity.
  • It can be ordered through any good bookshop, or you can ask your butcher for further details.
The Diary makes a great birthday or Christmas gift and 10% of the profits are pledged to the Snowdon Trust, which supports university students with a physical disability.

If you only buy one diary this year, make it this one! 365 dates for just £5.99 - beat that, Tescos, Asda and Morrisons!

1 comment:

  1. My copy travels extremely well and isn't affected by crossing time zones, although scuba diving should not be attempted without a suitable waterproof enclosure. All in all a great addition to the holiday of a lifetime!