17 September 2013

New Faces At The TMB

The Tripe Marketing Board has confirmed new appointments to its board following an exhaustive recruitment drive involving roadshows, head hunters and stickers on lamp posts all round the north west.

John Murray, Ken Ward, Mel Wilson and Phil Latham join the board at a time when there has been unprecedented interest in tripe.

TMB chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle welcomed the new board members at an informal lunchtime reception held at the TMB offices in Preston.  "These are challenging times for tripe.  We have less than three months to achieve our objective of making 2014 the Year of Tripe so I am pleased to have such a talented pool of people on board with us," he said.

The new appointments are expected to raise a few eyebrows as they include a woman, a vegetarian, a vegan and two people who were born in Yorkshire. Anticipating controversy over the appointments, Sir Norman said: "Tripe isn't just for meat-eaters, men and people from Lancashire. It's a universal foodstuff enjoyed by people all across the UK as well as dogs. We did consider appointing a dog to the board to represent the canine community but we couldn't find one sufficiently house-trained to sit through our meetings."

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