25 September 2013

TMB Condemns Price Freeze Pledge

The Tripe Marketing Board has condemned proposals by the Labour Party to freeze the price of tripe if it is elected to government in 2015.

The "big six" UK tripe suppliers have warned that a freeze could have serious consequences for the industry's profits and could lead to severe tripe shortages.

Labour claims the move will save average households £2 a year, restaurants almost £10 and pet food businesses at least £50,000.  A rise in the popularity of tripe over the past year has seen a number of price increases and Labour says it is responding to public concern.

Speaking at a fringe meeting at Labour's Brighton conference on Tuesday evening, a senior British Tripe executive suggested such a direct price intervention could "threaten tripe security in the UK" and claimed there was a real risk that the UK would be unable to import sufficient quantities of European tripe, claiming the livelihoods of the 60-plus people dependent on the tripe industry could be at significant risk.

A spokeswoman for the tripe industry regulator OffOffal, which Labour plans to replace after 2015, suggested legislation would need to be passed to change pricing arrangements.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he expected the proposals would be raised during questions at tonight's TMB Question Time session in Chester. "The public look to the TMB to protect their interests alongside the profits of the tripe industry.  We'll be challenging these proposals on behalf of tripe lovers and dogs all across the UK," Sir Norman said.

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