10 September 2013

TMB Confident It Will Meet Challenges Ahead

The Tripe Marketing Board has denied reports in Offal Monthly that a major cost-cutting exercise is underway after an analysis of accounts revealed an alleged 'black hole' in the board's finances.

Huge severance payments to senior managers and rash over-spending on poster campaigns in Bolton, Wigan and Bury were highlighted in an OM editorial which also accused the TMB board of 'sleepwalking to oblivion' and being 'bloated' and 'old fashioned in its approach to marketing tripe'.

TMB CEO Mr Bryan Atkinson
In an unrelated announcement yesterday, TMB chief executive Bryan Atkinson confirmed that his root and branch review of staffing at the TMB was progressing well.  Recent retirements from the board had created what Mr Atkinson called "a huge opportunity" to refresh tripe's appeal to a younger generation. "We are confident that new faces on the board will address the problem," he said.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "I've already had some top-notch applications and we will shortly be announcing some new faces at the TMB. I am still open to offers, however, and I would encourage anyone with an interest to get in touch.  It's my aim to make 2014 to be the Year of Tripe - it won't be easy -  we need people on board who are up to the challenge."

Interested applicants are invited to view details here.

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  1. May now have to review current job options in the light of the above....