10 September 2013

TMB Urges People Of Wiltshire Not To Panic

The Tripe Marketing Board is appealing to tripe lovers not to panic following an announcement earlier today that Wiltshire has run out of tripe.

Speaking after an emergency meeting convened to deal with the crisis, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said:  “This has taken us by complete surprise. We haven’t experienced a tripe shortage since 1953 but we have contingency plans in place to help desperate tripe-lovers.”

How the news broke this afternoon
The announcement was made around 3.00 pm when The Longs Arms Pub and Smokehouse, a major consumer of tripe, reported that Wiltshire’s biggest tripe supplier had run out. This led to panic buying throughout the county with supermarket shelves and tripe stalls cleared of tripe in a matter of minutes.

By 4pm, there wasn’t a sheet of tripe left in Devizes, Malmesbury or Melksham, and by 5pm Swindon was a tripe-free zone too. The last piece of tripe in the county was sold by a butcher in Royal Wooton Bassett at around 5.45pm.

The crisis might easily have made the national news but for swift and robust briefings by members of the TMB's communications team who were able to assure the media that the situation was under control. The TMB's CEO Bryan Atkinson praised his staff for containing the crisis.

The Tripe Marketing Board is arranging for emergency supplies of tripe to be delivered to Wiltshire by a convoy of heavy goods vehicles which will be leaving Wigan at around 11pm but is also appealing for volunteers to help deliver supplies using their own transport.

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