8 September 2013

Twitter Campaign Wasted Says Chairman

The Tripe Marketing Board has announced a major review of its social media strategy after a new study revealed that more than 20% of its followers on Twitter are vegetarians.

The study, by MSL Market Research Ltd, suggests that most Twitter followers of @TripeUK (the TMB's Twitter identity) are women and that the average age for all followers is just 22. This runs counter to previous polling by the TMB which showed that the average age of tripe consumers was 83.

Although the TMB has spent lavishly on persuading younger customers to 'give tripe a try', industry insiders are sceptical that the Twitter campaign is really working.

TMB chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "These results throw into question our whole marketing strategy.  Last year, I was persuaded that the TMB should invest significantly in social networking.  We have spent literally hundreds of pounds on our Twitter campaign.  I would be very disappointed indeed if it were proven that this was being wasted on people who would be unlikely to eat tripe even if it could be made palatable."

Carole Sturgess, editor of the monthly magazine Vegetarians Today said she wasn't surprised by the findings. "Vegetarians are, by their nature, gentle folk who embrace a wide range of philosophies and beliefs.  By the same token, we know that a lot of carnivores subscribe to our magazine because they like to leave it on show on their coffee table to demonstrate their broad-mindedness and look at the pictures of falafal." 

Chief executive Bryan Atkinson said: "It's quite possible that these results have been skewed by the fact that many of our followers in the social media are dogs.  Since most canines live on average somewhere between 10 or 12 years, I would like to look further into the MSL study before commenting further."

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  1. The canine aspect should be investigated forthwith. Such an improper skewing of data is not only misleading but immoral.