1 September 2013

US Tripe To Go It Alone In New Campaign

 Barrie O'Bannon
The president of US Tripe Mr Barrie O'Bannon has expressed regret at the decision of the Tripe Marketing Board not to join his campaign to persuade vegetarians to eat tripe.

Speaking at a meeting of the Louisville Soroptomists, Mr O'Bannon said: "I'm deeply saddened that the English Tripe Marketing Board has chosen not to support our latest campaign. Whilst I respect the views of British tripe lovers, the special relationship that has existed between our two bodies since 1948 is thrown into question by this decision."

US Tripe proposed the campaign after claims that delegates attending the 53rd World Vegetarian Convention had been served goujons of tripe masquerading as quorn fritters during a lunchtime recess, causing outrage
amongst assembly members.  Evidence gathered by US Tripe suggested the move was sanctioned at the highest level of the WVC in an attempt to provoke a backlash against a minority vegetarian group which had called for vegetarian tripe to be made more widely available.

Earlier this week, members of the TMB attended a hastily-convened special board meeting in Preston to debate the proposal.  After the meeting, TMB chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle told reporters from the Lancashire Sentinel: "We are not convinced by the evidence shared with us by US Tripe. From our perspective, the tripe goujon incident is not the open and shut case it seems."

Doris Higginbottom
TMB board members voted 14 - 11 against joining US Tripe's campaign, which involves dropping small parcels of tripe into the homes of prominent vegetarians together with leaflets making the case for peace between vegetarians and tripe lovers.

During the debate, board member Doris Higginbottom had accused US Tripe of over-reacting to the incident. "I wouldn't be surprised if the people behind the goujons are vegans, not vegetarians," she said.  Afterwards, she expressed delight with the vote, telling reporters: "This is a victory for common sense.  If the so-called 'special relationship' with US Tripe is now over, it just means we can concentrate on building support amongst tripe-lovers across the world for World Tripe Day on 24 October." 


  1. Ms. Higginbottom looks exactly like Gabby Giffords!

  2. OMG! the man in the picture is a late Vice President of the Republic of Ghana!