1 October 2013

TMB Accuses Daily Mail Of Anti-Tripe Bias

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has hit out at the Daily Mail after it published the results of a survey conducted by internet search engine Ask Jeeves which found that nearly three in ten of respondents had tried tripe and vowed never to eat it again.

Speaking from Bergerac, France where TMB staff are enjoying a 5 day team bonding and wine tasting break, Sir Norman said: “The Daily Mail has a history of tripe bashing and an anti-tripe agenda. They obviously waited until we were out of the country before publishing this rubbish. I will be taking this matter up with them when we return. I know how Ed Miliband must feel.

“I have never heard of Ask Jeeves but have been informed that it is an internet search engine. According to a straw poll the TMB has carried out, 98% of people we asked said they tried Ask Jeeves once but would never try it again.”

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