28 October 2013

TMB Denies Lobbying Claims

The Tripe Marketing Board has denied claims that it engaged in a ten year campaign of lobbying for tripe to be mentioned on the popular BBC Radio 4 sitcom, The Archers.

The claims were made by industry observers after the character Joe Grundy mentioned his favourite dish of tripe and vinegar during an episode first aired on 27 October.  In an exchange with another character, Mr Grundy was asked for a recipe for a book to raise funds for the church organ and responded: "Well how about tripe 'n' vinegar, then?"

In a statement issued this afternoon, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "I don't deny that I may have mentioned in passing somewhere that it was time The Archers featured tripe, but this falls far short of concerted lobbying.  It is probably just a coincidence, as I am sure that Radio 4 is aiming for the same key under-85 demographic that we are."

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