28 November 2013

It's Official! David 'Bumble' Lloyd is the Greatest Lancastrian 2013

After a month of voting and over 1200 responses, the results of TMB Books' online poll to find the Greatest Lancastrian 2013 have now been collated.
The poll, which closed at midnight on Lancashire Day (27 November 2013), drew some surprising responses, with some iconic Lancashire figures such as Robert Peel and Mike Harding getting no votes at all.

And despite polling almost 100 votes, last year's winner Fred Dibnah was pushed into third place.  Fred's promotion of all things Lancastrian made him a popular choice, but it wasn't enough to win this year's poll.

In second place was popular Lancashire comedian Eric Morecambe, polling 140 votes and over 11% of the total.  Curiously, Eric's long-time partner Ernie Wise was in fact born on Lancashire Day in 1925!

But this year's winner was Lancashire's favourite son, former England opening batsman and Sky Sports cricket commentator David 'Bumble' Lloyd. David Lloyd surprised the world when he put the spotlight on one of Lancashire's favourite foodstuffs - tripe - during commentary on the Ashes in the summer.  He was later pictured wearing a Choose Tripe t-shirt whilst recuperating from a knee operation in hospital.

Mr Lloyd polled 154 votes and took a commanding lead from the start. 

Tripe Marketing Board chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "I have no doubt that the fact that Mr Lloyd took up the banner of tripe in the summer strengthened his Lancashire credentials. I would like to offer my fulsome congratulations to him - to my mind, after his sterling promotion of tripe during the Ashes, the result was never in doubt."

Other strong contenders in the poll were the Salford bard, John Cooper Clarke (84 votes), Gerrard Winstanley, the Wigan-born Leveller who polled 70 votes and suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, who collected 56 votes.

Sir Norman said: "This poll shows that tastes can change from year to year. Last year, Mr  Winstanley came a creditable second.  He clearly hasn't had much media coverage this year and has dropped from the public eye. Perhaps he needs to change his agent".

In a parallel poll, 83% of respondents said they hadn't eaten tripe in over 10 years. Sir Norman said: "We'll be drilling down into these figures to see what they mean for our marketing strategy in 2014.  At first sight they may not be encouraging, but the devil will be in the fine detail."

Sir Norman said he was heartened that almost 68% of respondents thought that the Tripe Marketing Board was the cheapest supplier of dates. "Our decision to link up with the Tunisian Date Marketing Bureau to publish our 2014 Tripe Marketing Board Diary has obviously struck a chord with the public. Being able to supply 365 dates for only £5.99 or less has put a shot across the bows of the major supermarkets, and no mistake!"


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