10 November 2013

Second Fridge Claim Was Wrong Says TMB Board Member

A member of the Tripe Marketing Board has apologised for claiming expenses for electricity to supply a fridge in an outhouse of his Blackburn home.

The expenses relate to Arthur Zahawi's second fridge and Mr Zahawi has voluntarily contacted the tripe industry's expenses watchdog after the Blackburn Mirror reported last week that he had claimed over £3,000 in the year up to March.  Mr Zahawi said that ITSA, the Independent Tripe Standards Authority, had included claims for the previous year and the figure was nearer £258.

In a statement issued on Saturday, he said: "I have been looking into this matter further and can confirm that all claims for fuel relate purely to my second fridge.  However, I have made a mistake with my electricity claims.  On investigation I discovered that electricity for a small fridge located in an outhouse was linked to my house."

"Whilst a meter was installed in the outhouse, I have only been receiving one bill; it was wrong to assume I was receiving two and to have not checked this sooner"

Mr Zawahi said he was "mortified" and said he would pay the money back to the TMB immediately.

Sir Norman Wrassle, chairman of the TMB, said he was satisfied that Mr Zawahi had made a simple mistake, and welcomed his offer to repay the money.  He said: "I am sure people will understand that this was nothing more than an administrative error on the part of Mr Zawahi.  Given the aroma of tripe, it is not unusual for people to want to store their tripe in a fridge outside of their main home."

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