10 November 2013

TMB Fears 'Perfect Storm' On Twitter

The Tripe Marketing Board was bracing itself for what experts have dubbed the "perfect storm" on Twitter tonight as British TV viewers hunkered down to watch The X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Downton Abbey.

Professor Arthur Bragg, head of media studies at Wigan University and TV pundit for the East Lancashire News, warned: "This really is the worst possible combination for the TMB.  Its media monitoring unit stands no chance of rebutting the misuse of the word tripe on Twitter tonight!"

The TMB's media monitoring unit - already being scaled down following budget cuts - said it would continue to monitor Twitter as part of its efforts to ensure tripe wasn't maligned by association with some of the TV programmes that are scheduled on Sunday evening.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Despite the cutbacks, it's important we challenge the way people bandy the word tripe around without thinking of other words they could use.  What's wrong with codswallop, for instance?"

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