8 December 2013

11% Pay Rise Defended

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has defended proposals to give TMB Board members an 11% pay rise after an editorial in Offal Monthly condemned the plans.

The rise will come as part of a package of changes to board members' salaries and benefits which sees some allowances scrapped.  The Independent Tripe Standards Authority, chaired by Mr Barry Wrassle, published its results last week.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Speaking at a meeting of the Lytham Round table last night, Sir Norman said: "An independent review has determined that our board members' salaries have fallen behind those of comparable organisations such as British Spleen, the Cowheel Marketing Bureau and the Association of Ovine Entrail Producers." 

As part of the review, board salaries will rise by an average of 11% and the 2p per mile mileage allowance for members using their own bicycles to travel to meetings will be scrapped.

Offal Monthly described the proposals as 'utterly incomprehensible' and said they should be reconsidered, claiming that the Tripe Marketing Board's strategy for increasing sales of tripe over the past few years had 'failed miserably'. 

Sir Norman said: "Offal Monthly is no friend of tripe.  This decision needs to be looked at in the round. We need to keep hold of talent, and the savings we make by getting rid of the bike allowance will go some way to balancing the increase in salaries.  In any case, this is not an across-the-board increase - it's only an average and some board members may receive less than this."

Sir Norman was speaking shortly before setting off on a two week fact-finding visit to Mexico, where he will be lobbying for more imports of British tripe.

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