16 December 2013

"Mission accomplished" Says TMB Chair

Tripe Marketing Board staff can come home from the south knowing it is mission accomplished, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said during a visit to Shrewsbury today.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Sir Norman met the TMB's Men In White during a flying visit to the south, almost two years before they were due to return to base in Lancashire.  Eating lunch with staff, he said they could be proud that a "basic level of tripe awareness" had been achieved and that they could "come home with their heads held high".

The TMB has been encouraged by private polling suggesting that people in the south now know more about tripe than this time last year.  Asked by reporters if personnel would be able to come home with the message "mission accomplished", Sir Norman, accompanied by Lancashire comedian  Barry Spatchcock, said: "Yes, I think they do."

Although tripe sales had not increased as rapidly as the TMB had hoped, the Men In White had been able to significantly arrest the rate of decline.  "When I look back on the last year, we can be proud that there is more tripe in the press, more tripe on the radio and more tripe on TV.  And thanks to the TMB's Twitter account, there is certainly more tripe on the internet," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman will be reflecting on the Tripe Marketing Board's achievements over the last year during a speech he is expected to give to the Westhoughton Womens' Institute later this week.  "Tripe's making a comeback - make no mistake!" he said today.

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