29 December 2013

TMB 2014 Diary Now Available on Kindle

The Tripe Marketing Board has made the historic decision to make its 2014 Diary available electronically in response to numerous requests from busy executives and housewives.

The Diary (which won the coveted Best Meat-Based Diary Award at this year's Diary & Almanac Publisher's annual convention) has been available in printed form since August 2013 but the new move means that Kindle users can download it for just £1.33 - less than the price of a Pop Tart.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Unlike other meat-based marketing boards such as British Spleen, we have shown that we are not afraid to move with the times.  Our diary is now available in a form specifically designed for people who don't like books cluttering up their homes or who are too tight to want to spend as much as £5.99 for the printed version."

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