14 December 2013

Tripe Marketing Board To Review Polling Strategy

The Tripe Marketing Board is planning a review of its public opinion surveys and has temporarily suspended its contract with Wakefield-based MSL Polls.

The review follows accusations in Offal Monthly that the polls were merely thinly-disguised attempts to promote the TMB's books and that the results did not properly reflect the public's view of tripe.

Recent polls had indicated that almost half of respondents felt 'more Lancastrian' than they did 12 months ago, that tripe was Britain's favourite comedy foodstuff and that 75% of people thought the TMB's strategy of using humour to promote its product was 'sensible'.

Recent polling information (Source: MSL Polls Ltd).
TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "These surveys provide us with valuable intelligence which helps determine our marketing strategy over the months ahead. It's ridiculous to suggest we do them just to flog a few books."

Sir Norman pointed to the results of a recent poll of non-tripe eaters as an example of how the TMB used the results to fashion its advertising campaigns.

"Too many people think tripe is something their grandparents ate. They tell us they are put off by its smell, taste, appearance and texture but apart from that they have nothing against it. We will be redoubling our efforts to get them to give tripe a try," he said.

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