9 January 2014

Home Economics Guru Says TRIPES are the New BEEFS

A leading home economist has said Turkestan, Romania, Ireland, Poland and Estonia hold the key to future growth in meat consumption.

Addressing a  meeting of the Fylde Women's Guild today, Dr Tim McNeill of the University of Wigan said that the so-called 'TRIPE' countries are set to be the new powerhouse in the years ahead.

"These countries have large numbers of cattle and a large number of over 85s and are therefore well placed to forge ahead of Belgium, Ecuador, Egypt and France - the so-called 'BEEFS' - with their much younger populations," he said.

Dr McNeill forecast that there could be a possible threat from Turkey, Oman, Finland and Uganda, but remained confident that the TRIPES would be in the ascendancy particularly if another country beginning with O could be found to join forces with Oman, Norway, India and Nepal.


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