28 January 2014

TMB To Review Twitter Campaign

The Tripe Marketing Board will be reviewing its social media strategy following the publication of a new study revealing that over 30% of its followers on Twitter are dogs.

The study, by MSL Market Research Ltd, suggests that most Twitter followers of @TripeUK (the TMB's Twitter identity) live in the north of England and that the average age for all followers is just 15. This runs counter to previous polling by the TMB which showed that the average age of tripe consumers was 83. 

Chief executive Bryan Atkinson said: "We are increasingly concerned that our social media presence is working against our general campaign themes.  Most dogs live on average somewhere between 10 or 12 years, and I am sure this is skewing the age statistics.  We need to re-inforce the message that tripe isn't just for dogs."

From the middle of 2012, the TMB began investing heavily in a social networking strategy ensuring that tripe had a presence on both Twitter and Facebook, underpinned by a programme of intern recruitment at the University of Wigan.

Colin Bland, editor of the monthly magazine Dogs Today said he wasn't surprised by the findings. "Dogs are, by their nature, gregarious creatures and they have embraced Twitter in huge numbers.  It's hardly a shock that they would follow a marketing board promoting a foodstuff that is so inherently attractive to them."

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