8 January 2014

Tripe Marketing Board Hits Back At Spoof Claims

Sir Norman Wrassle
The Tripe Marketing Board has hit back at claims that it is a spoof organisation. The claim was made in today’s London Times by a Mr Patrick Kidd who claims to be working for an organisation called  TMS.

Speaking from his Lytham home where he is convalescing after twisting his ankle on a skiing holiday, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said:

“Mr Kidd accuses us of being a spoof organisation -albeit ‘a very good one’- but of what exactly? The real Tripe Marketing Board?  Let me assure Mr Kidd that there is only one Tripe Marketing Board. And that is us.

“I’m not sure who the TMS is but it sounds like it is a spoof organisation – and a not very good one at that.  I assume TMS is meant to stand for the Tripe Marketing Society. What makes matters worse is that they are claiming to be selling their own Diary.

“Let me make this perfectly clear. There is only one Tripe Marketing Board Diary and it is still for sale on Amazon at just £4.99.

“On a more positive note, I would like to thank Mr Kidd for his support in encouraging Mayor of London Boris Johnson to respond positively to my invitation to take the Tripe Taste Challenge. But it must be the real Boris Johnson. Not a spoof.”

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