16 February 2014

Beat Boys To Reform To Promote Tripe

The Tripe Marketing Board is pleased to announce that the legendary Beat Boys will be re-forming for a special Concert of Tripe as part of the TMB's Spring 2014 'Be More Cow' campaign.

The West Coast sound of The Beat Boys, whose slightly off-key harmonies captured perfectly the sounds of a Lancashire summer - burgers sizzling, bingo calling and torrential rain - have not performed together since 2006, when they re-formed as a tribute band to The Pleasure Beach Boys, themselves a Beat Boys tribute band.

Band member Byron Watson, who has not appeared in public since he became addicted to cleaning the house and refused to go on tour, said: "I have been in treatment and am now ready to hit the road again."

Byron and his brothers Clive and Derek grew up in a Bispham boarding house run by their parents and together with their cousin Mick and next door neighbour Alf, a part-time candy floss salesman, cut their first disc in a make-your-own-record booth on Central Pier at the age of 12. They rose from playing the working men’s clubs of Blackpool to the Darby and Joan Clubs of St Annes in just 25 years. At the height of their fame in the late 1960s they appeared at The Lytham Palladium performing some of their greatest songs such as I’ll Get A Round, Oven Chips Are Nice and Thornton Cleveleys Girls.

As part of the campaign, the TMB plans to re-issue their finest album, Pit Sounds and their compilation album, Endless Winter.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "This is good news for anyone who has forgotten Lancashire's finest popular music ensemble - and it's good news for tripe!"

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