6 February 2014

Mayor Intervenes To Stop Strike

Mayor Johnson
TMB Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has brushed off a suggestion by Maurice Johnson, Mayor of Lytham that he would make himself available at a moment's notice to help resolve the strike that has paralysed the TMB's social media account since yesterday.

During an interview on Radio Lytham today, the controversial white-haired advocate of fracking said: "I believe the public are being ill-served by this wildcat strike.  If I understood the technology, I would be the first to step in to assist with Tweeting and posting on Facebook.  As it is, I am happy to intervene to act as mediator between the two sides."

Sir Norman Wrassle said: "One of our cleaners was able to make a couple of re-tweets today, but it's fair to say our Twitter campaign has been largely silent since the strike began.  We're not in the business of giving in to militants and extremists."

The 48-hour strike is expected to end at 10pm tonight, with the TMB holding firm to its current position of paying interns only their travel expenses and a meal allowance.

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