26 February 2014

TMB calls for less tripe on TV

The Tripe Marketing Board has appealed to schedulers to reduce the amount of tripe on TV when sales fell dramatically today, after it was prominently featured in last night's Channel 4 episode of The Taste.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle will be writing to the head of Channel 4 and other UK TV channels to ask for an immediate moratorium on tripe, following private polling which suggests that viewers were revolted by the sight of it.  Tripe retailers reported a decline in sales after regular customers stayed at home rather than face ridicule from friends, family or work colleagues.

Speaking in Preston today, Sir Norman said: "We don't think the public are yet ready for so much tripe on TV.  We know we're not the best-looking meat on the butchers' block, so it's important we don't get overexposed."

Sir Norman said he would much prefer if people came to love and appreciate tripe via other mediums, such as radio, Facebook and Twitter. "Experience suggests this is the best way to convince people to try tripe," he said.

Within an hour of the programme being shown, the TMB lost over 200 'followers' on Twitter - mainly younger people who thought that tripe was a variety of fish -  and the social media platform was used by dozens more to express their physical disgust.

Sir Norman promised that the TMB would "learn the lessons" from last night's programme: "We're not here to make people vomit. It's perfectly possible to talk tripe without having to look at it."

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  1. Sirs:
    I am outraged by this turn of events, and demand an Inquiry! It was Tripe that saved The Empire!