14 March 2014

Tripe Tax must be challenged says TMB chairman

The European Office of Tripe Consumption today announced measures which it claims will make it easier for tripe consumers to switch suppliers.

From 1 April 2014, customers will no longer have to give three months written notice before changing their supplier and will be free instead to 'shop around' for the best deal.  The move follows complaints via OffOffal that tripe suppliers had deliberately reduced the number of available outlets in a bid to manipulate prices.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle responded to the announcement by rejecting suggestions that prices had been kept artificially high by restricting the general availability of tripe.  He said:  "While it's true that tripe is not as readily available across the country as we would like, the TMB has been working hard over the last two years to change this.  Only last week, we learned of a new supplier and we'll be including their details on our popular Tripe Adviser portal as soon as they have been verified."

"It's nonsense to suggest that the TMB is somehow stopping people buying tripe to keep the price inflated.  There are plenty of other ways we can manipulate prices without having to resort to such measures," Sir Norman said.

In a separate statement, Sir Norman said he would be writing to the chancellor George Osborne to ensure that any plans for a tripe tax were firmly rejected in next week's budget:  "Just as we are on the verge of a recovery in tripe sales, such a tax would be suicidal for the industry and I hope Mr Osbourne will bear this in mind when he goes to the dispatch box next Wednesday."

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