6 March 2014

Tripe TV to close

The Tripe Marketing Board has announced that it is to axe its Tripe TV digital channel after take-up by households in the north west proved "disappointing."   This will come as a blow to those who were anticipating the channel's roll-out to other parts of the country later this year.

Tripe TV was launched in autumn 2013 on a trial basis via cable to 100 households in Accrington, Lancashire, but viewing figures released this week showed it was only rarely watched by more than 5% of those able to receive it.

Specially-commissioned flagship shows such as Can Cook Can't Cook and The Great British Tripe-Off failed to strike a chord with audiences, while afternoon scheduling of movies by director Alfred Spatchcock such as Moss Side Story and Shallow Gravy attracted fewer viewers than when they had originally been shown in the cinema.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said:  "I know there will be some who will be upset by this decision but we can no longer justify the expenditure - particularly when tripe is appearing more and more on 'mainstream' TV."

Sir Norman said that talks were underway with an online media platform to ensure that Tripe TV did not disappear altogether, and that this could help tripe secure its future amongst a younger generation.

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