27 April 2014

Chitterlings Less Popular Than Tripe

Tripe is now more popular than chitterlings, according to the latest survey of offal consumption by the European Consortium of Offal Producers.

The survey ranks tripe as 6th in a list of more than a dozen offal products that include heart, chitterlings and spleen.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Tripe Marketing Board chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, called the results "encouraging" and said that as recently as 2004 tripe hadn't even featured in the top twelve of offal products.  Speaking at the Lytham St Annes League of Lady Welldoers' annual luncheon today, he said:  "We're delighted that tripe is making a comeback.  Chitterlings have always been something of a bĂȘte noire
for tripe, so it's particularly encouraging to see us overtaking them.  Nevertheless, this is no time for complacency."

Sir Norman promised that the Tripe Marketing Board would not be resting on its laurels.  "We've got liver in our sights, so it had better be careful!" he said.

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