4 April 2014

Plain Packaging Could Tempt Youngsters

The Tripe Marketing Board has welcomed proposals for plain packaging as heralding a new 'Golden Era' for tripe.

Speaking at a business lunch yesterday, chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said the plans could only be good for the industry.  He pointed to surveys suggesting that many people were put off trying tripe by its appearance, and said: "This could be our secret weapon.  If we've got any hope whatsoever of tempting the younger generation to try tripe, then plain packaging is clearly the answer."

Under the proposals, tripe would be packaged in 200gm portions and the product would not be visible before unwrapping.  If adopted, the new packaging could be on the shelves as early as January 2016.
"This only leaves us with a couple of other areas identified by the surveys as potentially putting people off tripe - its smell, its texture and its taste," Sir Norman said, and he promised that work was being done to address these issues.

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