6 May 2014

2014 TRIPE Award for Literature

2014 TRIPE Award for Literature
The prestigious 2014 TRIPE award for literature has this year been awarded to serial entrepreneur and TV celebrity Alan Sugar for his controversial manual on business, The Way I See It.

Speaking at Saturday's glittering award ceremony in Poulton-le-Fylde, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman praised Lord Sugar for his sensitive use of language, saying: "The book is peppered with numerous references to things Lord Sugar doesn't like, and he pulls no punches in describing these as  'a load of rubbish' and 'a load of tutt.'  Never once does he use the word 'tripe' in a negative way, and this alone drew the attention of the judges."

"It's rare to see a celebrity who writes in such a sensitive way.  We had no hesitation in awarding Lord Sugar our highest accolade this year," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman - who is currently working on his own autobiography, A Life of Tripe, said he had learned a lot by reading the book and he was particularly impressed with Lord Sugar's ability to arrange empty clam shells on a plate to impress the waiters in his favourite Italian restaurant. "It's something we can all learn from," he said.

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