5 May 2014

April sales "disappointing"

Tripe sales during April 2014 were lower than anticipated and the Tripe Marketing Board has called on outlets to redouble their efforts to persuade people to try tripe.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Speaking at an industry lunch in Bolton today, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "I think there is a tendency for some tripe retailers to think that we here at the TMB have all the answers. We don't. I'd like to see them taking the initiative - perhaps by offering 'two for one' deals or by aggressively discounting to attract new customers."

Sir Norman said he was in no doubt that, without the efforts of the TMB, tripe sales would have "fallen off a cliff."  Instead, the decline in sales had been much slower than industry analysts had predicted.  "Fewer people than ever might be eating tripe, but that's no excuse to give up the ghost.  We might not be the most popular meat on the butcher's block, but we've got plenty of character!" he said.

Sir Norman pointed to the success of the TMB's social networking campaign as evidence that tripe could make a comeback: "I'm told we have over 3,000 'followers' on Twitter -  that's more than the entire population of Parbold!"  It was a figure which Sir Norman said his grandparents would have found astonishing.  "I understand we're the most popular offal-based Twitter account in Europe,"  he said.

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